The time when an office was a place to hostel employees at desks and in meeting rooms has finally passed and we are excited that the existence of offices finally has been questioned for real during the pandemic. A lot may seem unsure, but all data points towards us not wanting to go back to what we had before!

A future office should be a meeting point that supports gatherings and creative work between people. The human being and our needs are now in focus and with the help of design and architecture we make sure we simplify everyday life, that we can work focused when we need to and at the same time deliver flexible solutions for co creation on a team basis.

That the office should feel homey, or look like a home is one track, another way to look at it is that the home workspace fills already that quote and therefore the office should stand for the opposite. An energy boost and experience that working from home cannot purvey.

Design must be flexible. The time when the company colors had to be on every wall and furniture is over. My philosophy is to create a clean foundation with a high design factor and let the brand show through identity strong elements, such as a reception desk or why not digitally on great looking screens or projections.


Together with Colony we are creating office hubs for the future, all with their own strong design identity and service offerings. It feels great to be able to form office buildings in a way we would have wanted them ourselves.


At MER Arkitekter, leading in Sweden as an architecture bureau with focus on the workplace, architects and workplace strategists work hand in hand to create flexible office buildings with a high design factor, and custom solutions for tenants.


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