At JLL, we are meeting with tenants and property investors every day. Post-Corona, it is clear that the idea of the office as a concept have changed in many ways. People want more out of the office than before. It really needs to be better than the home office.

The future office is about delivering an experience. The office space is expected to be friendly, sustainable, and designed for you to feel like home. But it is also very much expected to be a professional platform for collaboration with colleagues and customers IRL and digital form.

Making this experience a reality is a challenge for property owners globally. Not all property owners or buildings will be fit for this challenge. The winners will probably be the one that are able to deliver an omni experience between home office, HQ-office and hub office locations – hybrid working!


"Winning tenants should probably try to stick with winning land lords and vice versa."

PAULIINA RANTSI - Deputy head of Capital markets Finland
at JLL and board member at Colony

As a tenant, you should most likely be even more careful when choosing landlord. It will be important for the landlord to be utterly tenant focused and pro-active in its leasing approach. By striking leasing alliances with agile and modern property owners, you as a tenant can position yourself in the frontline of modern hybrid working – one of the key assets when recruiting new talents!


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